Hire-Train-Deploy Model Program
Hire-Train-Deploy model program is IndusBridge’s Signature service offering. We provide not just deployment of our trained resources. It is beyond.
We believe in our technology strength that is niche and incomparable Our carefully crafted training roadmap and experiential delivery has created technically sounded talented young professionals and their acquired expertise is commendable.
Why our technology talent transformation is best-in class?
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Master technology trainers – internationally recognized.
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Enhanced familiarity of IT project knowledge and nuances mentored by Technology mentors.
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Best-in-industry Technology Curriculum crafted by globally recognized PhD holder.
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Experienced career coach to help you enhance personal and business skills.
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A Certification endorsed by IndusBridge and International organizations.
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Designated as a Software Engineer and immediate deployment @ top technology companies.
Profound Process
profound process
Advantage Indus – Plug n Play
The smart resources that we hire from colleges are handpicked, not only go through 2200+ hours of experiential intense technology skills, personal, business skills training and also undergo structured pre-engagement-post learning evaluation process.
Of course, the buck doesn’t stop here. Resources are mentored, coached throughout their technology learning journey, get certified by IndusBridge as well as by international s/w product organizations. Adding-on, certified professionals get deployed in IT global projects at TechMango and SMI conglomerate, parent IT organizations.
These gained add-on values not only make our young junior software engineers as global ready professionals and also stand apart with the right fitment for both short and long-term projects globally.
Advantage Indus – Plug n Play
The following values are the key factors for keeping us at pride spot while deploying our ready-to-perform talent-force on contractual staffing engagements.
  • Efficiently Processed Global ready resources, Billable from Day 1
  • Candidates holding 2200+ hours of training, project experience
  • Oracle and IndusBridge certified professionals
  • Trained by top notch globally recognized technology trainers
  • Mentored by technology strong leaders with global experience
  • Adopted by 360° Evaluation based Blended Learning Process
  • Structured in Industry aligned deployment Model
Advantage i+
Advantage Madurai Tier II City - Candidates traits
  • Trust and Honesty - Treasured Qualities
  • Respectful attitude - Co-worker’s Comfort
  • Analytical Thinking - An Ideal techie’s Ability
  • Inbuilt Ethics - Organization’s benefit
  • Tactful Learning Spirit - Project Manager’s Expectation
  • Sharp in understanding - Clients preference
  • Reduced effort of the hiring process
  • Saved time of reviewing applications / Interview Process
  • Reduced Probability in dealing with bad hire
  • Already interviewed shortlisted n groomed by Skilled SME
38 - 76 Hours time Saver real data. More value
  • Posting on Job Boards: Average time spent is 1.5 hours
  • Reviewing Applicants Time spent is up to 23.5 hours
  • Prescreening Candidates: Up to 4 hours of time
  • Interview Prep: An average of 1.5 hours
  • Wrapping up, Checks and Hiring: 7.5 hours
  • Your Regular selection process / candidate : 38 Hours
IndusBridge Core Value Proposition
profound process
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