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  • Increased efficiency @ decreased time consumption
  • HR fraternities focus on prioritized core business activities
  • Hassle-free lesser costs solution for your Business process

Cost Effective Talent Solutions

We are one of the most cost effective talent deployment organizations in India. IndusBridge is making your immediate fresher talent hiring process easier and in cost effective way for your organization. Our well-structured flexi contractual staff augmentation services, addresses your project specific resources needs with 1 to 2 years of IT talents with ease.

Junior level staffing Proficiency

With the acumen to reveal top-tier talents at junior level, we offer exceptional proficiency in meeting your contractual staffing requirements. We take complete responsibility of deploying our talented professionals and you can make them as ready to be billed from day 1 for your projects.

Carefully Crafted Process

In our Hire.Train.Deploy model, Our candidates are screened through intensive process, technically trained and well-groomed are ready with project experience can take out your burden of tiring process of technical developer hiring.

Services with Flexibility and Scalability

We offer the flexibility, scalability and big cost savings of the technology resources hiring. No Loss No regrets of bad hires. Our partnership gives quick way to hire technical developers as easy as 123. At IndusBridge we are hardworking and talented. IndusBridge is today’s reliable 1-3 years experienced IT staff augmentation provider.

Why you choose IndusBridge as your staffing partner?
Why you choose IndusBridge as your staffing partner
Key benefit of Talent deployment partnership
key benefits key benefits
key benefits
Quick technical resources on-boarding – 48 to 72 hours
key benefits key benefits
key benefits
Hassle free from resource management challenges and bad hire regrets
key benefits key benefits
key benefits
Monitored and mentored by 20+ years experienced top notch techies and project gurus
key benefits key benefits
key benefits
A company that can understand your talent deployment requirement easily
TVS Tyres
Sun Tec
Click here to view our technology stack where our 1-2 years experienced resources are skilled on.
What our clients say
jobseeker candidate
Indusbridge has made our job easier in hiring Entry-level resources. The Cost-effectiveness and Quality of the resources add great value to us in delivering projects with customer satisfaction.
CEO at Techmango
jobseeker candidate
Indus Bridge, bridges the gap between the academics and industry. The members were easily deployable with minimum rampup time. The fresh minds were rightly shaped interms of confidence, personality development and communications.
Kandharaj Johnson
Senior TechLead at SMI
jobseeker candidate
Indusbridge has made our job easier in hiring both Entry & Upskill-level resources. Their on the job training was very helpful for them to quickly adapt and kickstart in our project. Thank you !
Rupesh Chandrasekaran
Head HR at Bahwan Cybertek
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